City continues Kishwaukee River project

By Linda Warchal

The Kishwaukee River will be excavated once the ground hardens as part of a long-term project which will help control flooding in the future.

The sediment and islands that have built up in the riverbed and along the bank over the years will be removed, said Roger Chilton, assistant director of DeKalb public works.

By removing sediment and bringing the flow of the river back to what it should be will reestablish the flood water carrying capacity of the river, Chilton said.

The city’s intention is to restore the flow of the Kishwaukee back to the original levied bank area, he added.

This project is phase five of nine phases of the city’s ongoing Kishwaukee River cleanup project that began in 1984, he said.

“The first phases dealt with removing some of the snags and tree branches along the river in DeKalb,” he said.

The last phase left off at Annie’s Woods on Lucinda Avenue and phase five picks up at Annie’s Woods and continues toward First Street, Chilton said.

This is a continuous project and the remaining phases will take place over the next five to seven years, if the budget allows it, he said. Phase five will cost around $30,000, from the general fund, Chilton said.

The work being done will not affect the surrounding area he said. “We’re not allowed to place the excavated material along the river.”

All the material dug up from the river is taken to a fill site in DeKalb, he said.