Staff praised

You know, life is hard. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit recently. I’m taking a class and our first assignment is to write on why is life so hard. So there I was, Thursday afternoon, listening to the fourth movement of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony, staring off into the cloud-ridden sky trying to figure out why #?*&! life is so darn hard. And as I sat there trying to figure this all out, I reflected on those people, those events, those situations which make life bearable and worth living. I’ve read a bunch of Nietzsche and Confucius and Plato and Ancient Near East mythologies so I ain’t gonna bore ya with all that heavy philosophical high-flung junk that you can look up yourself, I’m just gonna tell it like it is—you know, Howard Cosell style.

We faithful readers of the highly underrated Northern Star read a lot of editorials bashing, slamming, destroying, demolishing and desecrating every person, every religion, every race and every belief. Yet, we rarely see editorials which praise others.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let the staff at the Pow Wow and the Blackhawk know that I think they all do a darn good job of serving all us Northern Nihilists some pretty decent food. I ought to know, I’ve eaten there almost everyday for the past year (even in the summer!). Certainly the “Huskie Dining Club” ain’t as great as all those romantic-sounding French restaurants we hear about in those stupid General Mills Coffee commercials; but, nonetheless, I think that they deserve some good words and I’m going to give ‘em!

The people who work there are always friendly and nice, they always smile at you and ask, “Have you been helped yet?” I’ve never seen any employee be rude to a customer nor have I seen the employees be rude to each other. They’re always cheerful and accommodating, businesslike and yet sincere. They put up with my sarcastic joking around and some of them even know what my “usual” is. They always have some special food around the holidays, either Christmas cookies or Halloween cupcakes, they try to get people in the festive mood and add a little spark to the long grey winter. Right now, they have some great brownies with Valentine’s Day hearts on them!

Sure, you may have to wait a couple minutes for those fries to get fried, but I think the folks working there basically have got their act together and try to provide as good of service as they can. Keep up the good work! You’re appreciated! You make life a little less hard and a little more livable. Thanks!

Now I gotta finish up my damn essay on why life is so hard. Geeez!

Douglas Broehl

Graduate Student

Department of Philosophy