Increase parking

I would like to applaud Wes Swietek for his accurate portrayal of Parking Services (Thursday, Feb. 6). Parking Services should be the oxymoron of the decade! Not only were they extremely rude to me when I picked up my permit papers but they informed me I could only park in two commuter lots—each holds approximately 20 cars and is full by 8:30 a.m.

Secondly, I was ticketed while inside Parking Services applying for a permit. NIU needs more commuter lots especially when the teacher/grad. assist. (red/green) lot near the field house is one-half empty all day. Yet when charter planes, abstract sculptures and “New Student Life Centers” dominate NIU administrative agendas, it’s no wonder selling more parking permits than available spaces is no concern. You drive from Oakbrook everyday and see if a place to park isn’t a priority!

Incidently, I never purchased a permit since all yellow lots are constantly full. I park on Garden Street and walk 20 minutes to DuSable Hall everyday. I hope Lynn Richards is a good attorney as one of your readers wrote. I may need her help with all the tickets I’ve accumulated from places (such as the farthest corner of the gravel lots by the residence halls). Increased parking for NIU would be greatly appreciated. What do other commuters think?

Tricia Nootens