Leader needed

Following the media coverage on democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s alleged extramarital affair makes me delve even more deeply into the two most poignant issues involved in this case. And these two issues ought to be given at least a second thought by every voter before deciding on a leader for the nation.

The first one being that, after knowing for sure (?) (based on what tabloids say—by the way, did they report sighting Nessie in Lake Michigan?) that a certain person has had an extramarital affair, should he or she be dismissed from mind for being incompetent to lead the nation? Especially with the current state of affairs? We ought to keep in mind what the country, what every American, needs; a leader who can restore America to its pristine, economical glory. What is the need of the hour? Financial solubility and jobs. Yes! Jobs, please!

Hence this calls for a more than myopic view of all the leaders available. And there aren’t many capable leaders out there. So are we being practical, cutting down potential leaders, when they probably have the capability to pull this insufferable economy out of the rut? Think twice.

The second issue being, does a President have to be a PERFECT human being? What is PERFECT anyway? Maybe we should have a charter drawn out as to what behooves of a President both in his public and private affairs as soon as we define ‘PERFECT’. Until then, let’s at least act in our own interest.

Riaz Syed

Graduate Student

Computer Science