Copy delays

The dust has settled and we are now well into the spring semester. This is the best time of the semester—Kinko’s packets are finished. No more waiting in line for promised deadlines that are just a fantasy of the “Kinko-man’s” imagination. No more abuse and nasty looks by the Kinko clerks. No more shelling out money that I don’t have.

This semester was the worst as far as picking up Kinko packets. EPSE 459—Inst. Methods EMH has a 300-page document that needed to be done the very first week of class. Why? The class is only 10 weeks long meeting twice per week. Our instructor showed us her documentation on when copyright approval was given. There was no need for the delays we suffered through: Day 1—50 pgs. complete, Day 4—195 pgs. complete, many pages were never completed because permission was granted for copying not-for-profit. This is ridiculous!! No one should have to go through this just for necessary educational information that can be more easily copied by individuals or not-for-profit organizations!

With all the resources this university has, it is hard to fathom why the university or Student Association has not seriously planned a copy production service for students, faculty and staff. Just think, we may even be treated nicely by the staff just as paying customers should be—with kindness. (Hint, Hint Kinkos.)

Another issue to consider for a university sponsored copy center is that of the students who are on scholarship. We are on scholarship for a reason and use the benefits of the Student Charge at the University Bookstore. Since Kinko’s does not accept the Student Charge, buying Kinko packets is a tremendous financial burden when one does not have the finances.

I feel that everyone should begin writing letters to the Student Association, Kinko’s, and departmental chairs in order that this scenario will not be repeated.

Deborah Bogolin


Special Education