No solutions

This letter is in response to the recent letter sent in by a college Republican which attempted to persuade its readers to reelect George Bush. Basically, what I have to say in response to this is, if this is the only reason we can find to reelect this president then George should not be re-elected at all.

Just because George happened to be in office when Communist countries figured out that their systems didn’t work, doesn’t mean that he deserves credit. His foreign policy never even dealt with communism, with the exception of China, to which he has given Most Favored Trading Status. If we abhor communism, why do we wish to accelerate trade with China, yet fail to hold communications with “powerhouse” communist countries like Cuba. Give no credit to George for the fall of communism.

Now that communism has fallen almost everywhere, what is George to do? He has finally figured out that he owes a little time to our country rather than others, but it’s too late, he has no time to help out our country, he has to worry about re-election, and worry he does. He masks his re-election campaign with a partisan State-of-the-Union address, which is filled with lots of short term niceties. Wow, if passed, my father will be allowed to spend his retirement money on health bills. Think about this, he’ll be able to prolong his life, so he can look forward to a life of poverty.

If all of these “solutions” can help our economy, why weren’t they enacted before? Because they are short term and they cost money—tax cuts for the rich, and extended benefits for the unemployed. The middle class gets squeezed again. The deficit will increase, and my children will pay for it.

George, let’s talk about real issues such as National Healthcare, the largest debt in the world, too much government, world trade (not just Japan) and student loans. Let’s not support a candidate because he just so happened to be in office when something good happened overseas, but let’s condemn him because the only thing he does when he’s at home is play golf, fish, and worry about his next itinerary. Bush should not remain president.

Philip Dalton


Political Science