SA to focus on protest, bylaws

By Megan Knowles

NIU’s Student Association will finalize protest plans and discuss bylaw additions at their last meeting before spring break.

SA Shutdown Day will be brought up for discussion. SA Vice President John Quilico said it’s “a PR campaign that is a response to all those who don’t know what the SA’s functions are.”

Quilico said it would involve shutting down the SA functions for one day, which would include shutting down the Huskie Line for that day.

“We’re bringing that up for discussion. It’s not approved (yet). Of course we want senate feedback on what people feel about it. We felt it was one of the only ways that the student populous would be aware of what the SA does,” he said.

“We welcome any alternatives to our suggestion,” he added.

Also to be discussed at Sunday’s meeting is the addition of adviser evaluations for next year. Quilico said a specific bylaw addition has not been written, but it will be brought up for discussion.

Quilico said he hopes the plans for a protest at the March Board of Regents meeting will be discussed. Sunday’s meeting will be the last before the next Board of Regents meeting. “Any plans for the Board of Regents protest has to be finalized this Sunday,” he said.

The meeting will be held in the Skyroom of the Holmes Student Center.