Poll: What are the best study spots at NIU?


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Founders Memorial Library is one of the many options on campus to use as a study spot.

Most college students have been in this situation: There’s a big test to study for or a paper to write, but there’s something in the way. Maybe it’s a distraction nearby, or there’s a lack of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Environments have a great impact on how effectively people are able to work, and those settings are as varied as each individual.

So, where to go when there’s work to do? Northern Illinois University has a wide variety of study spots to fulfill any need.

Someone’s first choice may be to stay in their dorm or apartment, where it’s (hopefully) quiet and private. Being comfortable is vital to being productive, but it’s easy to get too comfortable. When a study environment is also used for leisure, there’s a lingering temptation to get sidetracked and have fun instead of getting work done. Being productive at home is doable, but it requires a lot of discipline.

Another common spot for studying is the Founders Memorial Library. Full of cozy chairs, desks with blinders and mostly silent, it’s a great location for building focus. There’s something special about being surrounded by generations of knowledge, perfect for igniting the spark needed to get started. Whether it’s math homework or an english essay that needs to get done, the library is the place to get so absorbed that time flies by.

But some people aren’t built for quiet. Studying is a lot more fun with a group of friends. That’s where the Holmes Student Center shines. It’s the perfect place to get amped with a coffee from Starbucks, grab lunch from the Huskie Den or Qdoba and get together with classmates to power through some tricky assignments. For those who need high energy, a meeting of minds is hard to beat for getting work done.

Everyone is unique and so is each task. What works for one project might not be great for the next. The most important thing is knowing what options are available. Finding the right spot is the foundation for unlocking productivity and having fun doing it.

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What study spots work best for you?


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