Inktober: Daily art prompts for October


Courtesy of J.P. Creative, llc

Inktober has daily art prompts for the month of October.

By Caleb Johnson, Lifestyle Writer

October is upon us, and that means another year of Inktober!

Inktober is a social media art challenge where people draw in ink, or with digital ink tools, every day of October. The month-long challenge is meant to help people practice their art skills while coming together to share their work. Inktober was created in 2009 by artist Jake Parker.

The Inktober Classic challenge features 31 days of ink drawings, followed by daily postings of the drawing on social media, using the hashtag #Inktober and #Inktober2022. The idea is to share your art with anyone; so, if you don’t feel like posting your creations, you’re encouraged to hang it somewhere others may see it.

The rules are there as a guideline, so there is no right way to do Inktober. The idea is to just have fun, practice your skills, share your work and encourage others to do the same.

This year’s Inktober Classic prompts:

  1. Gargoyle
  2. Scurry
  3. Bat
  4. Scallop
  5. Flame
  6. Bouquet
  7. Trip
  8. Match
  9. Nest
  10. Crabby
  11. Eagle
  12. Forget
  13. Kind
  14. Empty
  15. Armadillo
  16. Fowl
  17. Salty
  18. Scrape
  19. Ponytail
  20. Bluff
  21. Bad dog
  22. Heist
  23. Booger
  24. Fairy
  25. Tempting
  26. Ego
  27. Snack
  28. Camping
  29. Uh-oh
  30. Gear
  31. Farm