Just do it

In response to your letter on Friday, Feb. 14. Mr. Hanus, I am pleased that there are some people bold enough to express their opinions in our day. For this I commend you. Unfortunately, it is sad to see that most of those same expressive people dare to support their views through action.

You use the “Tribute to King” march as an example of how NIU commemorated his birthday. Well, first of all, a group of concerned and creative students came up with the idea, planned it out, publicized it, and it successfully came to pass. It was not the Northern Star that invented this tribute, but it was students, very much like yourself.

Mr. Hanus, all it takes is a spark to start a flame. If you have concerns about the response of Lincoln’s birthday, King’s birthday, your birthday or anything else, PLEASE don’t COMPLAIN about it!! Think of a solution to the issue, then follow through. It’s not impossible, it takes a little time, and plenty of effort, but don’t sit on it, “JUST DO IT!” Peace out.

Emanuel D. Barr