Poll: How do you celebrate spooky season?


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You can celebrate spooky season by carving pumpkins, watching scary movies or go to a pumpkin patch like Jonamac Orchard.

From the flashing colors of the maples and oaks, to the cool breezes now promising relief from summer’s heat, it feels as though nature’s full celebration of autumn is finally underway. 

Spooky season is officially here. The ninth of October is bringing a full moon; and with it, the responsibility to soak up autumnal ambiance.

If gazing in admiration at the reds and oranges of the Midwest’s “classic” fall does not suffice, there remains plenty to do in DeKalb.

Are you a classicist? In a state so well known for its farmland, it seems fitting to celebrate fall by prancing among the season’s agriculture. Apple orchards such as Jonamac Orchard offer special spooky delights this time of year, be it a pumpkin patch prime for picking or the nostalgic taste of steaming apple cider. 

For more steel-hearted visitors, Jonamac also offers their seasonal haunted corn maze, “The Haunt,” which is open from Sept. 30 to Oct. 29.

With the gift of modern technology, Spooky Season is not limited to farmland traditions. 

Many people are now kicking off Halloween by participating in “Inktober,” a social-media event that challenges artists to sketch monster-esque prompts each day of October using only ink. For college students living in dorms, this may provide the “creepy” artistic-outlet carving jack o’lanterns would normally appease. 

Perhaps you prefer a bit more thrill than a well-sketched inky ghoul can provide. To the delight of horror-movie fanatics, the Egyptian Theatre is hosting the showings of three classic scary films throughout the month of October, starting Tuesday. 

Whether blood-shed is the best way to celebrate Halloween in your spellbook, or if the goriest your holiday gets is Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin, there is no reason this season should not be perfectly splendid and splendidly spooky.

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