Change policy

Never before in my six years at this fine institution have I felt compelled to hold myself and my grammatical skills, up for public inspection. However, I must be silent no longer.

It seems to be the practice of the athletic department to partition off half of the fieldhouse parking lot and set it aside for “donors.” This leaves the remaining few spaces for the students and professors unlucky enough to have night classes during the basketball season.

In other words, the “donor” lot is guarded by the parking gestapo in NIU hatchbacks, and non “donors” are reduced to frantically searching for any available asphalt, while trying to make it to their classes on time.

Granted, I am unclear on this “donor” concept but if they are so special, why not give them their own parking lot? Why not Lot O on Annie Glidden? Better yet, send that special bus to pick them up at home and they can amuse themselves with the VCR on the way here.

In any case, leave the parking lot for the professors and students, and let the “donors” fend for themselves.

Lara Corkrey

Graduate Student