Dorms to receive bins for recycling

By Megan Knowles

For some NIU students, recycling in the residence halls will become easier this week.

Student Association Recycling Director Rachel Vellenga said some new bins will be distributed as part of a pilot program which will begin this week in Stevenson South and Neptune Residence Halls.

“I would have preferred to have it be Lincoln and Douglas since they’re two of our best ones (for recycling), but (Associate Vice President of Business and Operations) Pat Hewitt and Dan’s (Chamberlain, Residence Hall Association) thinking was that it would be good to gauge the results on a tower and a low-rise,” Vellenga said.

Chamberlain said the main reason for using Stevenson and Neptune is to get the different populations that those residence halls serve.

“With proper motivation, people in the towers will have an opportunity to take part,” he said.

Vellenga said each floor will have three bins. One bin will be for mixed recyclables, one for newspaper and one for mixed paper.

She said the RHA hopefully will get volunteers from each floor to be responsible for bringing the materials to the curb-side pickup.

“We might even be able to expand the pilot program before next fall to another residence hall,” Vellenga said.

If the program is not expanded, all bins will be in place by next fall, she said.

Carla Martinson of NIU Building Services said the bins cost $4.30 each. The administration purchased approximately 260 bins, which are 65 percent recyclable plastic, for the program.