Faraday funds finally released

It’s about time Edgar released the funds for a building that NIU was counting on.

In a time when money is being denied left and right for higher education, anything NIU can get its hands on helps.

The money comes two years after the groundbreaking for Faraday II . The physics department and the chemistry department finally will be given the space they need to properly set up their departments.

Not only will the departments find their new home, the project will create jobs that are needed in a time of the highest unemployment.

At least 250 jobs will be created and the construction will lst at least two years.

Everyone is pleased with the announcement because everyone gets something out of the deal.

Now that the money has been allocated, work can begin and the university can benefit sooner.

There are only two reasons to be concerned about Edgar’s visit. First, Edgar kept the entire thing hushed, so it became a great photo opportunity. Secondly, where is the money coming from?

Edgar said the money is coming from state bonds, but in a time of economic distress, it seems money should go to relieving the state of recession or depression.

Edgar did say, however, that the state’s bond revenue pool is at a safe point. If that’s true, then the release of the money is a welcome sigh of relief for a project that never got off the ground.