Free seminar to help GRE, GMAT scores

By Donald R. Roth Jr.

NIU students fearing the upcoming graduate school admission test season will have a chance to find out about another tool designed to help improve scores.

Leonard Punt, vice president of the American Business Communications Company, will conduct a free introductory seminar from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the DeKalb Days Inn, 1212 W. Lincoln Hwy.

“The purpose of this free class is to introduce students to our revolutionary concept in teaching and applying skills needed to improve results in the Graduate Management Aptitude Test and the Graduate Record Examination,” Punt said.

Punt said his company tries to help students sharpen test skills, overcome test anxiety and organize their schedules.

Identifying and improving the verbal skills needed for success on these tests is crucial, Punt said, and his company’s simple method does not use theoretical or academic measures.

“Everyone who attends will be given the opportunity to take a short 10 minute test. The results will reveal one part of the students verbal aptitude,” he said.

Punt said the seminar will also illustrate the distinctive methods of preparation his company stresses which includes identifying the subskills needed to answer test questions.

“I’m very concerned with students waiting until the last minute to prepare for their graduate admission tests,” Punt said. “Any student, any major should attend (because) they will benefit immensely.”

Punt said students who raise tests scores just three problems will enjoy a 90 point improvement on the GRE. Similar results can be obtained for the GMAT, he added.

Punt said that following the seminar interested students can sign up for the complete course.