‘All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast,’ Episode 3: Chatting with NIU Volleyball


Harrison Linden

Logo for ‘All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast’ (Graphic by Harrison Linden | Northern Star)

Welcome to the third episode of “All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast.” Sports editor Skyler Kisellus returns to host another episode of the Northern Star’s newly-launched podcast series. Assistant sports editor Ethan Gonzales and sports reporter Michael Stoll join Skyler as co-hosts.

The full episode can be listened to here.

In this episode of “All-Star,” Skyler is joined by Ethan to talk about all things Huskie sports, including the latest results, upcoming events and more. In the halftime segment of the episode, Skyler and Michael team up to chat with Jada Cerniglia and Kaitlyn Bell from NIU Volleyball.  The conversation revolves around topics such as volleyball’s success this season, Jada and Kaitlyn’s experiences at NIU, Halloween activities and scary movie recommendations.

Look for this show every other week on Wednesday for new coverage of all of your favorite NIU sports, news, interviews and more.