Staff thanked

This is just a short note to express my sincerest thanks to Penny Rynberk for her recent feature article about me and my quest for a new pancreas. Penny and her photographer Tim came to my home on a recent school holiday to interview me and take my picture. I appreciate their warmth, sympathy and genuine concern which truly touched me and my family.

The only problem is that there was a totally unintentional oversight on Penny’s part in that no address was given for those who would care to contribute to my cause. Since so many people have told me that they read the article, I thought an address might be in order. It is as follows: Organ Transplant Fund, c/o Harris Bank of Naperville, 503 N. Washington St., Box 3027, Naperville, IL 60566-3027. If you’d like to write the account number on the check to expedite the actual accounting, the number is: 588390.

If anyone would like further information about Organ Transplant Fund, their branch office is located at 5120 Main St., in downtown Downers Grove and their phone number is (708) 963-1220.

I need the help of the NIU community to have a chance at a productive future; please help in any way you can. Thank you!!

Bob Jordan

Graduate Student