Unpopular Opinion: Rainy days are better than sunny days


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Columnist Abhishek Poddar associates rainy days with some of his favorite memories.

The skies and the earth wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for the rain. Rain is undoubtedly an accomplice in all forms of feelings. 

After the first showers, that lingering fragrance, petrichor, oh! That sweet smell. Rain is often associated with gloomy moods, darkness and sadness overall. But I think rain is just as cheerful as the sun. 

Consider this: It’s an evening after a stressful day. Reaching home, things get breezy. The sudden rush of clouds darkening the sky appear and the showers begin.

I can recall many such glimpses of joy. I would accompany my uncle and grandma on many car rides as a kid, watching raindrops trickling on the windows. I imagined my favorite superheroes and characters performing parkour over the roofs. Plus, the songs being played on the stereo, although muffled by the whoosh of rain, were calming. Did the atmosphere cause me to embark on a peaceful slumber? Yes, definitely. 

Skies are cheerful on a bright sunny day. Sunny days have their perks too. Being able to dress up light, not having to care about a rain check and not having to worry about wet hair. Does this mean we feel happier on sunny days than the dreary ones? Maybe, but maybe not.

I guess memories are associated with what we like. Imagine meeting someone important in the rain. A person whom we may have fought for. Showers here become aides in our feat – an ally in our happiness. There exists a thought that rain can hide our tears when we cry. I think the rain tries to console people. 

Rather than associating rain with grim connotations, we can try a different perspective. A force of nature is trying to be with us during our challenging times and wipe away our tears, something of a reckoning. In contrast, think of all the happy memories you have. Have they all taken place during perfect sunny days?