NIU School of Theatre and Dance to perform ‘She Kills Monsters’


Courtesy of Colton Loeb

NIU School of Theatre and Dance debuts performance of “She Kills Monsters” at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the O’Connell Theatre in the Stevens Building.

By Caleb Johnson, Lifestyle Writer

NIU School of Theatre and Dance will host its third production of the season. Next up is “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen, directed by guest director Kendra Holton.  

Holton chose to be a part of this play because she was excited to work on a production that explores LGBTQ+ themes, as they are something she identifies with, said Colton Loeb, assistant director and senior theater studies major. 

Loeb said he is excited for the play and is happy about the costumes and lighting design of the show that the production crew worked very hard on. 

“It’s going to be a visually stunning show,” Loeb said. 

Loeb explained that the show covers some deep content and is something of a dramatic comedy. 

Set during 1995 in Athens, Ohio, the play follows Agnes Evans, played by Maya Paletta, a junior acting major, and how she moves on with her life after losing her younger sister and parents in a car accident. Some time after the accident, while packing up her sister’s room, Agnes discovers a Dungeons and Dragons game module.

In a surreal moment the lines between reality and imagination meld. Agnes begins a quest as she experiences things from her sibling’s point of view as a queer high school student in a small town, where being nerdy and outside of gender and sexuality norms were not as accepted. 

This creates some magical moments as she explores this fantasy world. These experiences have a profound impact on Agnes’ real life as these moments begin to change her forever.   

Loeb said he really enjoyed helping to put the show together and is looking forward to seeing the production run. In addition to the role of assistant director, Loeb is also the sound designer for the play.  

Opening night is 7:30 p.m. on Friday in the O’Connell Theater in the Stevens Building. Tickets are free for students, $17 for the general public, $9 for non-NIU students and $15 for seniors ages 65 and up. 

Visit the NIU School of Theatre and Dance website for more information on upcoming productions and how to purchase tickets.