Column absurd

While you claim, Mr. Krol, that human beings are the “most intelligent animals” on Earth, your column on Jan. 28th served to discount that assertion. First of all, I am not an “animal rights activist” by any means. I do, however, share some of their views and after reading your enlightening bit of journalism, I feel compelled to respond to some of your statements.

You wrote that animals were meant to be exploited by humans. Keeping this in mind, it can be assumed that you would say that the oceans were meant to be polluted, the air was meant to be poisoned, and the rain forests were meant to be destroyed. Do you really think that the only reason animals exist is to serve the purpose of humans? While I agree that animals are indeed useful and often necessary for human survival, this does not mean that animals should be abused as they have been throughout human history. I know the thought that animals can share many of the emotions which humans experience seems ridiculous to someone like you, Mr. Krol, but it’s a fact. It has been proven that highly_evolved species can feel happy, sad, angry or lonely among other emotions. And yes, they also feel pain.

Regarding the testing of animals for medical purposes, I feel that if it’s necessary then it should definitely be allowed. Unfortunately, however, much of the testing that goes on borders on the insane. I don’t know about you, but I feel safer now that it has been shown that it is dangerous to spray air fresheners into one’s eye for lengthy periods of time. And I cannot even begin to imagine the extensive benefits that tests of the psychological reactions of cats to double amputation has provided for the human race. Once again, I am all for animal testing when it is for a good cause, but more often than not, it is performed for useless reasons.

Also, your nutty little quip about “basic Darwinism” was completely out of context. Although I choose to let the Biology majors rip that apart, I would like to offer my view of the life chain (with the superiority of humans left intact, of course) … Humans—Animals—Plants—Pond Scum—Sludge—Star columnists.”

Bradley J. Howard


Pol. Science/Public Service