Coffeehouse offers Northern Exposure

By Sheryl Cajka

Get ready for more music to rock the NIU campus.

The new musical program “Northern Exposure” is the latest addition to Coffeehouse, a program sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, said CAB Adviser Mike Templeton.

The Coffeehouse program offers students, faculty and staff a variety of free musical entertainment every Thursday night in the Diversions lounge.

With the new program, Templeton said they set aside one day to bring in local entertainment. The program will give students who are in a band the chance to share their talent.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for the community to get together and enjoy what they (the musicians) have to offer,” he said.

The “Northern Exposure” program will offer three shows this semester, with two or three bands playing each time, Templeton said. The first show will be Feb. 6.

He also said he felt since the students are putting their money into NIU, they should be able to gain exposure for their music. “It’s a cultural world to music.”

Templeton said he and coordinator Mary Beth Gembala came up with the idea because the program pays the bands but does not charge for admission. This will help the group’s budget, he added.

Templeton also said he encourages anyone in a band to sign up and get the exposure they need. “It’s a music series for NIU students to perform,” he said.