SA to make recycling easier for students

By Megan Knowles

Changes will be made soon in the residence hall curb-side recycling program, which will make recycling easier for students.

Student Association Recycling Director Rachel Vellenga said the program has been in place for two years. The program currently has volunteers from each floor bring their items every Saturday during their allotted time, she said.

Vallenga said the administration has purchased three bins for every floor. One bin will be for glass and plastics, one for mixed paper and one will be for newspapers.

“They will be able to separate the recyclables into those bins. Hopefully, it will encourage and make it easier for people to recycle,” she said.

The bins, which are 18-gallon containers, are larger than those used on DeKalb curb-sides.

“We still need to work out a few of the particulars. We’re trying to get in touch with the Residence Hall Association in order to see if there is a way to ensure that these bins do get taken down,” Vallenga said.

She said the bins will be distributed in the next three weeks to those floors that choose to volunteer.

“We did not want to give them to every floor unless we knew that they would bring them down, Vallenga said.

“We have had good participation, especially in Douglas, Neptune and Gilbert. We’re hoping to boost participation in the high-rise residence halls.”

Neptune Residence Hall Assistant Crystal Rodgers said the new bins will increase recycling on her floor.

“Right now, my floor only recycles cans. We used to recycle newspaper last semester, but we didn’t have anywhere to put them. The bins would help a lot,” Rodgers said.

A President Dan Chamberlain said the bins are a start.

“I think a more cohesive plan is needed. Throwing containers at a problem is not the solution,” he said.

Chamberlain said he is working with the SA on a recycling program for the residence halls that will let them know the bins are available.