Time saver

In response to Eric Krol’s opening statement in his Jan. 21 column, I have one explanation for why NIU students are riding bicycles in below-zero weather: to get to class on time! I am in a rather unfortunate position this semester. I have an 8 a.m. course at Anderson Hall which ends at 9:15 a.m. followed by a 9:30 a.m. history class at DuSable Hall. I’ve tried to make this rather lengthy stretch on foot but I can’t without running and thus arriving to my 9:30 course in a sweaty mess! Also, I have always liked to arrive to my classes early to acquire a good seat and not have to worry about climbing over an entire row of students, their coats and their backpacks!

I wish Mr. Krol and the other columnist who wrote last week about tossing bicyclists into a bonfire within the M.L.K. sculpture would stop for a minute and consider this obvious need to bike-ride in such atrocious weather. I don’t see why I am causing such an uproar! I am very careful on the sidewalks and streets and always give the pedestrians the right-of-way so why should people complain? Is it because I look like an idiot? Well, fine! Then I’m an idiot who is just attempting to keep his tardiness at a minimum (unlike many others on this campus!).

Believe me, I wouldn’t be riding a bicycle if I didn’t have to. Since my 8 a.m. course runs only for half the semester and thus ends before Spring Break, I won’t be a problem for anyone after that. But then, that’s about the time all you “normal” people start riding your bikes, isn’t it?

York Schoening


History Major