Leave Ellwood House alone

The DeKalb Park Disrtict is stepping on some toes.

For 25 years the Ellwood Association has operated the Ellwood House museum under a lease agreement with the district. Now the park district is saying something must change.

The house is visited by many people in the DeKalb area and there have not been any major complaints about the ownership of the house and museum until now.

Of the three options the park district gave the association, none them were to leave everything alone.

Why try to fix something that isn’t broken?

The options were not feasible because ever

hing would change no matter what. Some things are better off when they are left alone. The Ellwood is one of those things.

The park district should leave things alone. In a time of financial crisis, it seems silly to jiggle the equation that is working.

Not only is the district deciding to change things, they are keeping the association in suspense for the next few months so they can “analyze the operation.”

The Ellwood House must gross a lot for the city, so they took the right step by urging an agreement so the citizens can keep enjoying the house.

The problem, however, is between the association and the park district; although the park district is the one who isn’t satisfied with what is running just fine.

It should be pretty clear the park district needs to direct its energies to the places that really need help. The Ellwood House is not one of them.