Memorial service to commemorate war

By Donald Roth Jr.

NIU students interested in the ongoing problems in the Middle East will have the opportunity to participate in a non-denominational religious service today.

United Campus Minister David Schmidt will lead a memorial service at 4:30 p.m. at the Wesley Foundation, 633 W. Locust St.

The service commemorates the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf War and will serve as an “invitation to reopen the dialogue among the various groups that have a vested interest in the Gulf and Middle East area,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said he wants to provide people with a place to pray about the Gulf War. He said he expects between 10 to 50 students and DeKalb residents to attend the service.

Another contributor to the service, Art Koch of the United Church of Christ, said the service will “provide a forum for awareness of the great suffering that has and still does transpire in the Middle East.”

Koch said he is grateful there is awareness for the pain that still exists in Iraq.

He said he would hope to see the memorial service act as a bridge to further community and student involvement in the struggle for peace in the Middle East.