Dorm Decorating Tips for Students

Using blankets, posters and tapestries, a student can take a bare dorm room and turn it into a more welcoming atmosphere.

Between seeing one’s living space for the first time and getting to know neighbors, the first few days back on campus can seem more like a spinning blur than reality. Here are some crafty tips to make decorating a dorm room simple, without sacrificing style.

1. Duvets

When it comes to beds, most people want covers that are soft and warm, especially during the cold Illinois winters. Unfortunately, most comforters are difficult to wash due to their size and thickness. Duvets are great because they’re soft and light, and will fit your bed perfectly. They also come in a large variety of colors and patterns. Don’t worry about spilling crumbs on your duvet because it’s easy to remove and wash. Happy snacking!

2. Throw rugs

Throw rugs are fantastic for adding a splash of color to an all-around white room. Tile floors can also be quite chilly when hopping out of bed, and a soft throw rug will help ease the struggle of early mornings and late nights. Try to match the rug with a duvet, or even the  window curtains, to help balance the room’s style. 

3. Privacy curtain

Whether one lives in a dorm room or an apartment, both tend to be fairly small, especially if shared with another student. In those situations, a privacy curtain is a fun way to set aside a separate space. The easiest way to do this is to buy a curtain rod and curtains, three large, wire Command hooks, rubber bands, and small wire ties. Apply the Command strips to the ceiling an equal distance apart at the length of the curtain rod. The Command strips should be placed on ceiling tile rails if possible. Then use the wires to fasten them to the ceiling for extra support. Before hanging the rod, make sure to pick out a lightweight curtain and feed it on. Hang the curtain rod using the rubber bands on either end to secure them together. What should be left is a sliding curtain divider that provides privacy and a pop of color. 

4. Canopy headboards

Any bed can look great with a colorful duvet and a matching throw rug beneath it, but a simple canopy and fairy light headboard can do wonders in the way of accent lighting. All that is needed are two wall Command hooks, a small, lightweight curtain rod, a sheer curtain and white fairy lights. To set this up, hang the fairy lights within the sheer curtain on the curtain rod, and hang it all on the wall with Command strips. The headboard draws attention and can even help brighten up the room. 

5. Throw blankets

An easy way to cover up the standard and understandably dull seating within a room is to purchase throw blankets. Drape them or hang them on the back of a chair or other furniture to create a brand new appearance. Again, try to stick with the same colors or patterns as the curtains, rugs or duvets to keep the whole room cohesive.