Fall Fashion emphasizes comfort with style

With the weather growing colder, warm and comfortable clothing will be a staple of the fall fashion.

Summer of 2019 was a blast and it went by fast, but it’s time to say goodbye to summer wear and hello to fall fashion. From old trends to new, students need a fresh view on what’s to come.  

Same ole trends

It’s back to pairing Jansport and Adidas backpacks with NIU’s school colors of cardinal and black. Knotted crop tops bell sleeves, lace shorts and skirts, and Pink, Adidas and Champion fanny packs should stay in the summer. The sun is going down and the grey clouds are coming out. Students will hardly have time to dress to impress since they now have to impress their professors with their knowledge. “Busin’ a fit!” Save that for the weekend when its “social gathering time.” 

Fall Fashion emphasizes comfort with style

Sunglasses can add a level of intimidation and mystery.

Loud colors and patterns

Recycling their style are Fila and Champion with funky color patterns, bringing back the ‘90s and early ‘00s vibes. From the looks of it, large striped shirts are a huge deal. The shirt has to be warm to accommodate the chilly autumn weather. If the shirt isn’t warm however, students can wear a jacket. 

It could be a trench coat or a blue jean jacket with faux fur around the collar, which pairs well with a nice pair of jeans or leggings. From the looks of it, large striped shirts are in along with platform boots of any color (especially shiny), “Matrix”-esque sunglasses and a corduroy material jacket (typically short), is a huge deal. This may sound heavy now, but you’ll be prepared when the weather gets cooler.

Baggy Clothing

Baggy clothes were made popular again thanks to singers like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, so students can conceal their “Freshman 15” with style. Wearing pink, orange or green army fatigue pants or cargo pants with a loose fitting graphic tee or a plain white tee is trendy.

Oversized, hooded sweater dresses and regular sweaters are also popular. Walking to class feeling cozy is a must for students. If there is an early class and one doesn’t know what to wear, put on a sweater and still be in style. Warm crew sweaters and campus pants with Ugg boots are a fantastic type of look. It’s close to pajamas, but it’s fine to wear to the movie theater or to attend class.

Fall Fashion emphasizes comfort with style

Long associated with the grunge movement, ripped jeans are set to replace shorts as a warmer and more stylish article of clothing.

Ripped jeans

It’s time to mention ripped jeans. You can choose from dark, light, distressed and even white jeans. Roll them up or leave them long, these pants will never let anyone down. Yes, they may rip even more in the washing machine, but that only makes them look more vintage and more fashionable. It adds panache. They go well with dress shoes or sneakers, blazers or blue jean jackets, even raincoats or wooly sweaters. It’s hard to find something that can make ripped jeans look bad.

Fall Fashion emphasizes comfort with style

Corduroy is a material common seen in skirts and jackets that is known for its durability.

Falling into Fall

It’s up to the students to choose from a wide selection of clothes, from checkered petite pants to corduroy skirts. There is a large variety, depending on the store and the patterns it sells. For example, students can go to Forever21 and H&M for more retro attire or to Urban Outfitters, Zumiez and Journeys for the more urban streetwear look.