PlayStation Now drops its prices

Sony’s gaming subscription service PlayStation Now has dropped its prices 50% to compete with rival video game subscription services. The price drop was made official Oct. 1.

PlayStation Now’s price went down from $19.99 a month to $9.99 month. Its competitors include Xbox’s Game Pass, Google Stadia and EA’s Origin Access. 

PlayStation Now allows gamers to download and stream all games in its catalog. The PlayStation Now service currently holds over 700 games, according to Engadget, a tech website. PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 games are included on the platform. 

When PlayStation announced it would be lowering the price of the service, the company added that it will allow PlayStation Now games to be played on PC. This feature has been on all major video game subscriptions, including Game Pass, Stadia and EA Origin. 

PlayStation also announced that it added a few popular games. These video games include “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Uncharted 4: A Thief's End,” ''inFamous Second Son” and “God Of War.”

In September 2018, Playstation began allowing users to download games on the service instead of streaming. Downloads allow the user to play games without a strong internet connection. Playstation is still allowing the streaming option. 

PlayStation has also released the service's first TV commercial. This is most likely because it wants to compete with Xbox’s Game Pass, according to Forbes. The Xbox Game Pass has had major success, according to Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox. The service hit a high of 64 million users 9 months ago, according to Trueachievements, an Xbox affiliated website. 

Game Pass has a little over 100 video games including Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Video games get removed and replaced on a regular basis. All Xbox-owned or exclusive games will come out on launch day on the service to be played. 

One aspect that PlayStation Now doesn’t have that Game Pass allows is bundling with its online services. For example, an Xbox user can purchase Game Pass Ultimate, including Game Pass and Xbox Live, for one, ultimately cheaper, price. PlayStation 4 owners have to purchase PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus separate. Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are required to play online on each console.

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