'Rocky Horror' comes to the Egyptian Theatre for its final 2019 show

Oakley Court, located in England, is best remembered as the set of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

DeKALB – The Irrational Masters Live Shadow Cast will be performing their last fall production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at 8 p.m. Friday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St.

The original film, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” made its first appearance in 1975 and it remains in theaters over 40 years later.

General admission for the show will be $10 for a mature audience only, according to the website of the Egyptian Theatre.  

The Friday show is the last of three productions held during the fall. The first show in this series was a Corn Fest themed show held on Aug. 24; and the second one was a Halloween Themed show on Oct. 18. For the third and final show, the season is ending with the traditional “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Josh Chesser, director of The Irrational Masters, said. 

Each show so far has consisted of a new cast list. The roles of the show constantly change, and newer props and lighting cues will also be added to the show, as those change too, Chesser said.

The best thing about these shows for Chesser is always the audience. 

“The audience participation of ‘Rocky’ always makes it enjoyable; every show is different,” Chesser said.  

After this last show, the cast will all miss performing, Chesser said. “But taking a break between seasons gives us time to plan new things and get some extra practice time with newer cast members.” 

Their next show will be a performance of the murder-mystery film “Clue” in January at the Egyptian Theatre.  “Every year we perform ‘Clue: The Movie (1985)’ in the same fashion as we perform ‘Rocky Horror.’ It's a fun and family-friendly experience!” Chesser said.

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