Dollar Shave Club provides worth-while subscription experience

For students looking for high quality, cheaper grooming products, Dollar Shave Club is one subscription that shouldn’t be overlooked. The subscription service offers a wide range of products besides those meant for shaving including shower, oral care, hair care, deodorant and skin care. 

There are a few ways to start out as a Dollar Shave Club Member. First, there’s a trial set which can be for shaving, shower or both. The products included in the trial set are 2 six bladed razor cartridges, an Executive handle and trial size versions of the pre-scrub, shave butter, post shave dew, shampoo, body cleanser and face cleaner. 

The cost of the trial set is $10 for the both shaving and shower products or $5 for them individually. Trial size individual items or packages of trial items can also be purchased for various prices ranging from $1.67 to $8, according to the Dollar Shave Club website.

For those who know what they want and don’t want to bother with trial sizes, this is where the customization of a box comes into play. Dollar Shave Club members can select to have their boxes shipped as often as every month to as little as every three months, depending on how often members use products. 

Members can order their boxes to contain various amounts of products with no limit and each box can be customized on the Dollar Shave Club website. 

Among the best products are the razors, which are high quality. There are three types of razors with replaceable razors and different prices: the Humble Twin, which has 5 two bladed cartridges for $4 per month, the 4X with 4 four bladed cartridges for $7 per month and the Executive with 4 six bladed cartridges for $10 per month. In the first box, the handle gets shipped for free and every box after contains replacement razors.

The Executive is an incredible value with a high quality, weighty handle. As for the six bladed cartridges, they last about one week if they are used daily and provide a smooth shave that feels like slicing through water. Also necessary is the shave butter that creates a soothing and efficient experience. Unlike shaving cream, the shave butter is more clean and looks better as well.

Also, the hydrating face cleanser is a product worthy of mention because of how effective it is. For those who want to avoid acne or dry skin, this is the perfect product, smelling of citrus, for maintaining one’s skin. 

The most appealing part of Dollar Shave Club is the price which gives recipients products worth well more than they’re priced. Having more products per box also results in better prices via the Handsome Discount, which gives members 5% off to boxes with two to three items, 10% off to boxes with four to five items and 15% off to boxes with six or more items. 

The Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic alternative to buying flimsy, disposable razors at Walmart or getting standard Gillette Razors because of the high quality of the products. Their products make the user feel like royalty. If there’s one thing someone should take pride in, it’s how they groom themselves, and Dollar Shave Club gives members the right tools for the job.

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