Han Yeri, from top left, Steven Yeun, director Lee Isaac Chung, Yuh Jung Youn, from bottom left, Alan Kim, and Noel Cho pose for a portrait to promote the film "Minari" at the Music Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival Jan. 27.

After 10 days of films, documentaries and shorts, the 36th annual film festival awarded some of the best new and upcoming talent in film. These five films are ones to keep a keen eye out for once they are officially released.

The biggest hype surrounding a film coming out of this year's festival is the winner of both the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic and Audience Award: Dramatic, "Minari." The film stars Steven Yeun of "Walking Dead" fame and is written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung. The synopsis of the film entails a Korean family that moves to Arkansas to start a farm in the 1980s. It's a rather simple concept but many have already praised the film for its excellent acting and powerful story. The film is being distributed by A24 and does not have a theatrical release date.

Carey Mulligan

This Sept. 9, 2018, photo shows actress Carey Mulligan, a cast member in the film "Wildlife," posing for a portrait during the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto.

"Promising Young Woman" stars Carey Mulligan in a stylized revenge tale. Female revenge tales aren't often geared to a theatrical release and are often desaturated of color portraying a world of evil and hopelessness. "Promising Young Woman" seems to be the opposite of all those revenge tales, it looks extremely vibrant and more accessible to the masses.

It'll be interesting to see what ground this film takes in portraying its subject material because films like this are often graphic and disturbing. Mulligan at the center of it all looks like she's having a great time in the role with the footage released so far. She's one of the most underrated actresses of our generation and a great performance from her here wouldn't be a surprise. "Promising Young Woman" hits theaters on April 17. 

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh speaking at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con International, for "The Hateful Eight", at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

"Possessor" is a sci-fi horror film starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christopher Abbott, Andrea Riseborough and Sean Bean. Written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, "Possessor" tells the tale of an agent of secret organization that can inhabit other people's bodies to assassinate targets for clients.

The film synopsis alone should peak anyone's interest and the cast solidifies any further intrigue. An official trailer has yet to be released but the stills from the film are downright horrific, full of style and otherworldly.  The film has received good reviews coming out of Sundance. The film does not have a set theatrical release yet.

Kristen Johnson

Director Kirsten Johnson at the 2016 Miami Film Festival.

"Dick Johnson Is Dead" is a documentary about a daughter who helps her father prepare for the end of his life. The films has received outstanding reviews coming out of the festival and is sitting at an impressive 93/100 on Metacritic.

The film is written and directed by Kirsten Johnson. It serves as a way of keeping her father, the titular Dick Johnson, alive. Her father is entering his final days and this film takes a dark comedic approach of the ordeal of his passing by killing him in multiple fashions, resurrecting him and, most importantly, celebrating his time on earth, according to the Sundance Institute. A film that should be on everyone's radar for this year.

Peter Madsen

English: This August 2008 photo shows submarine UC3 Nautilius in early sea trials of her then-newly fitted propulsion and rudder system, operated by Submarine builder and architect Peter Madsen. (August 2008).

Sitting at 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, "Into the Deep" is a documentary centred around the murder of journalist Kim Wall. Danish inventor, Peter Madsen murdered Wall on his submarine. The documentary gathers footage from filmmaker Emma Sullivan who documented Madsen before Wall's disappearance while also adding footage after the tragic event took place.

The events are as chilling as they were when the news broke. This documentary will surely be as shocking as it is interesting and considering the reviews so far, future viewers are in for a treat. Netflix is the studio behind "Into the Deep" but a release date has not been announced. 

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