In the final episode of the first season of the headliners we ask are the Rockets in trouble against the Warriors. We also touch of the disturbing nature of the Tyreek Hill tape and what the Chicago Cubs should do with Addison Russell. Hosted by Jayce Eustice, Khobi Price and James Krause

Sports Editor

The experiences gained and the relationships formed have been incredible for me. I am grateful for feedback from my editors that has improved my writing in a short time. I look forward to continuing my career taking the lessons that I’ve learned with me.

Sports Writer

I enjoy having the opportunity to cover different teams and gain valuable experience in sports journalism. I love being able to give readers insight into the on-goings of the world of athletics and help tell the stories of the athletes and coaches.

Sports Contributor

I spent three years writing sports for my high school paper, and now I am able to do it again for the Northern Star. I am excited to capture the variety NIU and Athletics has to offer.