SA’s #NoShameCampaign reignited

Student Association Senate speaker, Christine Wang, swears in Matthew Moore as a new senator. 

DeKALB — The Student Association Senate held its first meeting of the year Sunday, during which SA Speaker Christine Wang and acting President Lisa Freeman joined to discuss the reintroduction of the No Shame Campaign.

The campaign, which began on campus about two years ago, is an initiative that fights to end silence surrounding mental health issues. Embracing acceptance and awareness for all mental health issues, the campaign has a large focus on suicide prevention and awareness, Wang said. A launch event for the year-long campaign will be 1 p.m. Thursday in the MLK Commons.

Freeman said the campaign is of great importance to the university community.

“This is something that all campuses are struggling with and trying to do better,” Freeman said. “I believe that our community and our university can be a model for other universities. We have an opportunity to show and to spread this message effectively across different communities where wariness to understand tends to vary. But this is what we do well as Huskies.”

Wang said the campaign was launched by former SA President Nathan Lupstein, but the SA is now hoping to bring it back.

“It means a lot to a lot of people in the Student Association and to a lot of people on campus, as well,” Wang said.

A pledge to the campaign was presented by Wang, and student organizations are being encouraged to make the vow. Wang said SA members will also be reaching out to other Illinois higher education institutions to seek their involvement.

“I pledge to see the person not the condition,” Wang said as she recited the pledge. “I pledge to educate and promote awareness about mental illness and recovery. I pledge to create a better tomorrow by modeling healthy coping skills.”

Freeman said she was proud to be supporting the launch of the campaign.

“The No Shame Campaign, which is aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues and informing our community about the resources that are available to them, is something that really could be a national motto,” Freeman said.

Correction: This story previously former President Doug Baker had launched the #NoShameCampaign. This was incorrect. The story now correctly states the campaign was started by former SA President Nathan Lupstein. 

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