NIU Police have advised students to be wary of an online scam, according to a media release. The scam resembles a work-at-home employment opportunities received through email.

The scam is typically done through student email accounts. An alleged recruiter will request personal information, such as copies of a driver's license, social security card or birth certificate. Upon being "hired," the scammer will send a fraudulent check and request it be deposited, then ask immediately for a wire transfer of the same amount to a secondary location.

The bank will eventually find the check fraudulent, leaving the student responsible for the amount sent in the wire transfer.

“These scams are very popular and seem very lucrative,” NIU Chief of Police Thomas Phillips said for the release. “The simplest advice we can give, if it seems too good to be true, it is. Be very suspicious of, in fact, stay away from, any online 'deal’ that asks for money or personal information.”

Any scams can be reported to the police, either by filing a federal report at the Internet Crime Complaint Center or with NIU Police, 815-753-1212.

To remain anonymous, call the tip line at 815-753-8477.