SA Executive branch and Senate election results

DeKALB — A total of 374 students, including those who chose not to vote for every position, participated in the executive election. The following are the results:

Executive Branch

• Vice President: Kevin Schaeffer- 305

• Treasurer: Devohn Hall- 301

• Student Trustee: Madalynn Mershon- 271


The Student Association Senate needs 40 senators, representing five districts, to create, draft and pass policies.

District 1:

• DeVonté Fuller- 157

• James Holmes- 124

• Kyle Jacobson- 80

District 2:

• Masud Alam- 163

• Brianna Richardson- 121

District 3:

• David Skowronski- 129

• Amy Geldean- 108

• Joey Petrelli- 86

• Brant Aitchison- 66 

District 4:

• Ian Pearson- 148

• Karen Astorga-Rollins

District 5:

• Daniel Teboda- 131

• Jonathon Peters- 122

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