Rolling Stones

Catherine Carter at a Rolling Stones museum in front of the guitars the Rolling Stones played.

Hey Huskies! Today is my last full day in England and I decided to head to London for the day. As I mentioned before, I am a huge Rolling Stones fan, so of course we had to eat at the Rolling Stones restaurant, Sticky Fingers, named after one of their albums. It was a diner covered in memorabilia, serving American food and playing some of their best songs. We enjoyed burgers and extra sticky BBQ chicken. Without a doubt, it was my favorite restaurant in England! We then walked around the city for a few hours, just seeing the sights. We strolled past Buckingham Palace where we saw the famous Beefeater guards. Then we wandered over to another restaurant called sketch. One of the girls had seen it online and decided we needed to go. She was right. Let me tell you, this restaurant is quite the experience. I can’t even begin to describe the decor for you. (Seriously, go look it up on instagram. It’s wild!) Although each room has a different style and theme, each unique enough to be their own restaurant, about 90% of the pictures you will see are of people posing with giant eggs. Weirdly enough (actually probably grossly enough), they’re bathrooms. Obviously, we had to have a photo shoot for the ‘gram, so here are some. After celebrating the end of the trip, we headed back to Oxford for our last night. 

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