The backdrop for the play 'Pictures of Dorian Gray.' The play was put on in a bookstore.

Good morning NIU! Today I went to another play! This time, it was not a book that I have ever read, but I decided to go with some friends to see Pictures of Dorian Gray. This play was inside a bookstore, something I have never experienced before. When I first walked in, I was overwhelmed by the size of the book store! It went up five flights and was absolutely packed with books; it puts Barnes and Noble to shame. After wandering around the store for a few minutes, we headed downstairs (seriously, will this store ever end?) into the basement where a small stage was set up with about four rows of folding chairs. I have never read so much as Sparknotes about this book, so I was absolutely enthralled the entire time! I was thrown for so many loops during the play it was hard to keep track. It was a very interesting story about a man who wishes to stay young and beautiful forever and how he deals with finally getting his wish. I’m really looking forward to reading it sometime soon. 


One of the most interesting things about this play is that there are only four cast members, two men and two women. Each night they switch parts so there is a different gender dynamic depending on which play you attend. In the play I saw, Dorian Gray was a woman and Lord Henry and Basil were men. I really enjoyed watching this particular cast line up, they had a lot of chemistry and worked really well together. Hopefully I can go back again and see another line up!

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