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Hunter Weston | Contributor 

I’ve been to Norway before. The summer after my senior year of high school, I was taken to Norway as a graduation present and we stayed in Oslo for two weeks. My family has a strong Norwegian heritage that we are very proud of, so visiting was a dream come true. My great-grandfather sailed to America quite a long time ago. To study abroad for longer than two weeks would be even better. Colleges in most of Europe, including Norway, offer free college. Of course this is made up for by Norway’s incredibly high taxes, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Some of the pros of studying abroad in Norway include that most of the population speak English as well as Norwegian and that Norway has many beautiful nature spots, as well as a distinct culture. I’d love to sail across the Oslofjord once more, or take an arctic trek to Northern Norway. I’d love the visit the ice bar in downtown Oslo, which is almost exactly what it sounds like – an entire bar in which the glasses are crafted from ice as well as the artwork on the walls. The room is kept at freezer temp so they offer free parkas for everyone to wear. The land of the midnight sun is quite the place to be.


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Anthony Parlogean | Contributor

If I could study abroad anywhere, it would be in Japan. The two main reasons for wanting to go to Japan are clear: cultural history and delicious food. Japan has a rich cultural history that goes back thousands of years. Things that fascinate me about the culture include the ruling emperors, the development of Japanese calligraphy writing, the role that samurai played in Feudal Japan and of course, Pokémon.

The generally accepted manners and proper etiquette of the Japanese is also very different from Western culture and is extremely interesting. However, the food is by far the best part of Japan, and sushi is my go-to meal. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between, sushi is always on the menu. One item on my bucket list is to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro, the best sushi restaurant in the world. The 2011 documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” takes an in depth look into this prestigious restaurant and its pursuit of perfection. Japan is fascinating.


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Nina Kasman | Contributor

I would study abroad in Germany because I studied German language and culture in high school. It would be easy for me to get around and live in Germany without a lot of help. In tourist cities, a lot of people speak English, and instructions are written in both German and English, so I would be able to get around even if my language skills fall through. Studying in Germany would also be very academically advantageous. I am a mechanical engineering and BFA design technology double major. Germany is known for engineering, and, as an engineering major, it would be beneficial for me to study there. 

Everything else aside, Germany is a beautiful country. I’m very fond of the villages in Germany. I grew up very close to Chicago, and I’ve always loved European villages where people live far from large urban cities. More specifically, I am fascinated by German architecture, and I would love to be surrounded by it.

To study somewhere where I cannot be touched by the struggles of urban society and can study my craft would truly be a dream come true. 


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Jordan Radloff | Contributor

It would be an awesome opportunity to be able to study abroad in Italy. Since I am a music major, I would be able to study the history of great Italian composers and music theory. Italy has a rich history of fine arts that would be very cool to see in person. In addition to music, I would get to experience the great architecture, art and food that the country has to offer.

There are many famous landmarks, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Coliseum in Rome, that I would want to visit in order to cross them off my bucket list. Italy has a deep history of great art from the Renaissance period, and there are many art museums where I would be able to appreciate visual art. Authentic Italian food is probably very different from Olive Garden, and I want to be able to try it.

If I get the chance to, I would definitely want to travel to Italy through the university study abroad program.

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