Angel Tapia displays his "I Voted Today" sticker as students participate in budget participation election March 5 at Maryvale High School in Phoenix.

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I would like to express my passion and concern for the voter turnout of NIU students in this year’s presidential election. Voting is one of the strongest powers we as citizens have, and I would like to encourage everyone in the NIU community to tell their friends and family to go vote. I am not trying to sway anyone towards voting for a particular candidate or party, but instead urging people to use their voice and engage in this important civic duty.

Huskies Vote is an organization on campus dedicated to registering students to vote and helping get them to the polls. They held many events on campus leading up to the Democratic Primary, and I am sure they will continue to do so leading up to the National Election Tuesday, November 3.

The turnout for the Democratic Primary was low due to the rising spread of COVID-19. We need to work to increase turnout for the National Election. Students should be aware of their voting options, such as absentee ballots and early voting. They should also be encouraged to register to vote in DeKalb County, as opposed to where they are from. Though they are only students for a few years, they can still have an influence over our local government and have a voice in the policies that affect them while they are here.

Voting is one of the easiest ways we as students can have a say in government. If you are frustrated or upset with how the local or national government is doing things, use your voice to change it!

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