I would like to bring praise to [Student Association Senate] Speaker Christine Wang as her time as Speaker draws to a close. I had the fortune of working with Speaker Wang in my short tenure as NIU’s first director of Environmental Affairs. At the time, she was a senator with aspirations.

I was new to the Student Association, and she worked closely with me to ensure that my position was successful. She helped create the Committee for Environmental Affairs and supported my efforts to lay the groundwork for a new position. I thank her for that.

Beyond just assisting me, she was an ardent supporter of the student body. During the long budget impasse in Springfield, Speaker Wang continuously lobbied and organized on behalf of every student to ensure that NIU and all of the students could continue receiving some level of funding, and she fought to protect MAP Grants. Additionally, Speaker Wang helped to reshape the stigma against mental health as she became a fierce leader of the #NoShameCampaign.

As a graduate student at Indiana University now and once again in student government, it has become clear to me just how much work and dedication Speaker Wang gave to her position.

I know that despite no longer having the title of Speaker, she will continue to advocate for the student body. I wish Speaker Wang the best of luck in her academics, her continued pursuit to be a selfless public servant and as a dear friend.