Once completed, students can use this to keep organized.

Staying organized throughout the semester is a challenge. A simple DIY can help aid in that struggle. All it takes is a little time and a quick trip to Five Below, 2345 Sycamore Road.


•Magnet board

•Weekly planner

•Command hooks



•Chalk or dry erase marker


These are the supplies needed for the DIY. They include a weekly planner with chalk, a magnet board, Command hooks and magnets.


1. Attain all the supplies. To save money, shop at Five Below or Walmart.

2. Lay the magnet board and weekly planner on the floor in the way it will be hung on the wall. This ensures it will look good once hung up.

3. Line the boards up on the wall to make sure there are enough space.

4. Using a pencil, put dots where the command strips will go on the wall.

5. Hang the command strips in the proper places, making sure they are level.

6. Hang the boards on the command hooks.

7. Put magnets up on the magnet board.

8. Write out the week’s events and hang any schedules or syllabi that will be needed throughout the week on the board.

9. Keep up with weekly organizing and continuously update the information.

10. Enjoy staying organized for the semester.

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