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Contact Information

Office: 815-753-0105

News: 815-753-9643

Fax: 815-753-0708

Circulation: 815-753-0707


Newsroom: All sections/editors can be reached at


Editor in Chief & Publisher: Tatianna Salisbury

Managing Editor: Sam Malone

News Editor: Jessie Kern

Digital Editor: Tatianna Salisbury

Perspective Editor: Haley Galvin

Sports Editor: Michael Urbanec

Entertainment Editor: Ginger Simons

Photo Editor: Cris Rojo

Copy Editor: Victoria Lambton


Advertising / Business Office

Advertising Manager: Vinny Barra, 815-753-0107

Advertising rep: Krystal Gonzalez, 815-753-0107

Advertising rep: Tom Horwitz, 815-753-0107

Advertising rep: Maysea Miller, 815-753-9638

Advertising rep: Taylor Scott, 815-753-0108

Advertising rep: Mike Terrell, 815-753-0107

Advertising production: Baily Balentyne, 815-753-9637



Adviser: Shelley Hendricks, 815-753-4239


Business Adviser: Maria Krull, 815-753-0707