2018 Super Bowl Predictions

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks with wide receivers Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola before a game Dec. 3. The Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to meet in 2018 Super Bowl 5:30 p.m. Sunday in Minneapolis. 

Tom Burton, Sports Editor: Patriots win 31-21

Credit to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning the NFC after losing its starting quarterback in Carson Wentz for the season, but the underdog story ends here. Quarterback Nick Foles and company will not be able to counter the experience and skill of the Patriots offensive line. If Foles and the Eagles get out to a hot start offensively, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have an answer similar to 2017 Super Bowl when the Patriots came back to win after being down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons. The only way the Eagles have a chance to win is a low-scoring battle, as they have one of the best, if not the best, defenses in all of football. In the end, the strong defense of the Eagles will not be enough, and the Patriots and Brady will win their sixth Super Bowl.

Eddie Garcia, Assistant Sports Editor: Patriots win 30-27

I initially thought this would be a no brainer - Tom Brady all the way. That was until Brady injured his hand before his matchup in the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I realized the Eagles may leave everything on the line in this game. The Eagles have nothing to lose, and that may be enough to make it a close affair. I believe both teams will have an easy time driving down field, so it’s going to be up to which defense holds up. I have a feeling this game will come down to the final possession. Experience rules over everything in a down-to-the-wire type of game. That is why I am counting on the reigning Super Bowl Champions in Tom Brady and the Patriots to come out on top once again.

Julian Nunnery, Sports Writer: Patriots win 31-28

The Vikings defense was considered by some to be the most dominant in the NFL in the 2017-18 season until they ran into the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. However, the Eagles not only dominated the Vikings defensively, they also looked like a dominant offensive unit, putting up 38 points against the stacked Vikings defense. Although the Eagles looked mighty good against the Vikings, the Super Bowl winner was decided in the AFC Championship game. The way Tom Brady, who will most likely win MVP this season, led his Patriots to yet another stunning comeback win over the Jaguars proves he will do whatever it takes to win. 2018 Super Bowl will be a tightly-contested battle that may see the Eagles ahead for most of the game. However, when it gets to winning time, Tom Brady and the Patriots will pull out a victory even if it takes a come-from-behind effort once again to do so.

Ryan Ostry, Sports Writer: Eagles win 27-23

It is officially time for Alshon Jeffery's prediction to come to fruition, as he told the world ‘his team’ would one day win the Super Bowl. The high-flying Eagles are going to keep riding Nick Foles’ coattails during this incredible playoff run. After the jitters of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl appearance since 2004 wears off, Foles and company will have the firepower to compete for a showdown on the offensive side of the ball. Even though the cornerbacks are the weak point of the Eagles, I’m predicting they will take a stand and not let Tom Brady continue his legacy as the greatest of all time. This rematch of Super Bowl 14 should be a good one, and I can’t wait. Fly Eagles, fly.

Khobi Price, Sports Writer: Patriots win 24-20

The Philadelphia Eagles have fully embraced the underdog role. They’ve been the best story of the 2017-18 NFL season. Unfortunately for them and the City of Brotherly Love, I see their story ending with a loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. The Patriots have the better head coach and quarterback in Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Their offense is superior to the Eagles’, and they have more players on their roster with meaningful experiences in big games. I don’t believe Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will perform at the level he has for his past six quarters of play after being the backup less than two months ago. The Eagles have one of the best defenses in the league, and that unit will make this game a close one. The Patriots will win in a tight contest and secure the franchise’s NFL record-tying sixth Super Bowl.

Roland Hacker, Sports Intern: Eagles win 24-21

The Eagles have a legitimate regular season MVP candidate in quarterback Carson Wentz, who led a finely-mixed offense backed up with an elite defense. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they will be without the services of their young quarterback, as the ball will fall in the hands of backup Nick Foles. To Foles’ credit, the Eagles dropped 38 points on one of the best defenses in the NFL in the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game. On the other side, Brady led yet another unlikely comeback in the AFC Championship game to advance to his eighth career Super Bowl. It would not be smart to bet against Brady and Belichick and the five Super Bowls they have won together, but sometimes the underdog comes out on top.

Rick Green, Sports Contributor: Patriots win 28-24

The Patriots will not have a cakewalk against the Philadelphia Eagles’ tough defense, but will be able to overcome their own mediocre defense with spectacular play from the greatest player of all time, Tom Brady. He will overcome any obstacle that comes his way against the Eagles. He was down 28-3 in the 2017 Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons and came back to win the game. Brady has been playing lights out this postseason, and I think he will get his sixth Super Bowl ring and solidify his place as the greatest of all time.

Jayce Eustice, Sports Contributor: Eagles win 31-28

When you take legacy out of the equation, it can be quite easy on a path to victory for the Philadelphia Eagles. Tom Brady has won five rings and looks poised to win a sixth. However, when you sit back and look at the numbers, Brady has struggled a bit in the second half of the season as maybe his age has begun to show. Nick Foles just has to complete the easy throws. If the Eagles or Patriots find themselves up big, I would advise running the ball every once in awhile. The Eagles also have one of the best pass rush defenses in the game without having to blitz, leaving enough Eagles to drop back into the secondary for coverage. This outcome will be based on which defensive line can generate the most pressure, and that will be the Eagles who will fly away victorious.

Zac Camacho, Sports Contributor: Patriots win 24-17

Unfortunately the Eagles don’t have Carson Wentz, so they don’t have a shot in winning this game. Sure, Nick Foles had a career game in the NFC Championship so he might make it a little interesting. However, in the end, Tom Brady will come out on top. The only shot the Eagles have is for their top-five defense to play the game of their lives and knock Brady down as much as they can, similar to the way the New York Giants did in both of Brady’s Super Bowl losses. The Eagles simply do not have the experience. Only seven Eagles players have ever played in a Super Bowl. Brady has played in seven.

Hector Infante, Sports Contributor: Eagles win 28-21

Sometimes the obvious answer isn’t always the right one. It’s easy to bring up the 2017 Super Bowl where Brady came back and won from behind, but the story going into the Super Bowl is how Nick Foles is going to play after putting a beatdown on the Vikings in the NFC Championship game. If the story is about Foles, then the publishers of that story are the Eagles' defense because their defense is the reason why their offense is on the field. The Eagles gave up only one touchdown and in 4-of-9 of the Vikings’ possessions, the Vikings weren’t able to get it past midfield. Brady is too good to be shut out. However, he is human, and he is going to struggle. I am a huge believer in “defense wins championships.”