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Lead singer Adrian Davis brings Upper Black Eddy to DeKalb’s House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway for the first time at 7 p.m. Sunday.

Rock band unveils unique latin sound

By Michael Malaychuk | October 8, 2015

DeKalb | Electric rock band Upper Black Eddy will headline at the House Café for the first time Sunday.Upper Black Eddy has been the musical project of frontman and lead vocalist Adrian Davis, who started his rise to fame as a street performer in Chicago....

Student-parents out of options if centers close

Student-parents out of options if centers close

By Kelsey Brown | March 25, 2015

Student-parents won’t have affordable childcare resources if nearby centers have to close down because of state funding problems.At least 200 NIU students use the Department of Human Services’ Childcare Assistance Program, which provides low-income...

InFocus: What do you think of the MyNIU app?

By Northern Star Staff | March 18, 2015

Mohammed Taha FaridiI always thought MyNIU should have a smartphone app.The app functions well: You can do all the work you did on the MyNIU website. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s also a relief for iPhone and Android users who can now do more...

Pass, Fail: Selfie event has positive message, NIU pushes for better phone use

By Angelina McNeela | February 19, 2015

Pass: Selfie event has positive messageThe second Self-ie Perspective event is a positive opportunity to receive and give uplifting compliments.It is refreshing to see social media culture meet pro-social behaviors in a digital society where self-image...

InFocus: Are the plans for the Huskie Bus Line practical?

By Northern Star Staff | February 8, 2015

Rachel ScamanThe Student Association’s plan for the Huskie Bus Line is well overdue and I am excited to see what comes.Students are the main priority at NIU and they should be involved in the bus system. Having students be involved in deciding the routes...

City shouldn’t rely on salt

By Angelina McNeela | November 24, 2014

DeKalb needs to switch to eco-friendly alternatives to salt for melting icy roads.Salt has proven to be effective at combating icy roads, but DeKalb should consider using alternatives like soy products, molasses and urea. Not only are these products more...

In Focus: How can the SA improve parking for students?

By Perspective Staff | November 18, 2014

Blake GlossonOne potential solution to this problem is to convert at least some of the blue parking spaces into yellow.Aside from the lack of parking, metered parking is a flawed system — at least from the student’s standpoint. For one thing, the...

In Focus: Should students worry about Ebola in the USA?

In Focus: Should students worry about Ebola in the USA?

By Perspective Staff | October 21, 2014

Angelina McNeela | @A_McNeela_NSI don’t find it unreasonable to consider a potential pandemic.No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think Ebola is being used as a fear factor — this is a real threat. The Centers for Disease Control is estimating...

Honor students: Value extra work

By Angelina McNeela | October 14, 2014

The University Honors Program requires all 1,100 honors students to submit resumes for review today.Honors students may feel like sending a resume is burdensome, given their pre-existing obligations or workloads. But, instead of feeling overwhelmed, honors...

In Focus: How should Mass Transit promote Huskie Pups?

By Perspective Staff | October 8, 2014

Scott GlavacHuskie Pups would be best advertised through a humorous YouTube video distributed via mass email to every student.Most students are probably unaware of how to use Huskie Pups, what their purpose is and to whom they’re available. Students...

Huskie Pups help campus travelers

By Angelina McNeela | October 7, 2014

While students may not know about them or think they’re useful, the Huskie Pups are actually pretty cool.The Huskie Line Pups are one of the additions NIU President Doug Baker debuted as a feature of his Master Plan Thesis. The plan includes lessening...

Pass/Fail: Autumn gardens give me fall fuzziness; Sleeved shirts inside Rec are ridiculous

By Angelina McNeela | September 15, 2014

Pass: Autumn gardens give me fall fuzzinessThere is no excuse for students to live off of Ramen noodles for their entire college careers.One of the best parts of the changing weather is waiting for fresh local produce to change from summer to fall selections....

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