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Sleep texting is inevitable for any cellphone-crazed person

By Danny Cozzi | April 8, 2013

A few months ago, while I was out at Dunkin’ Donuts with a friend back home, I received an interesting text from my mom around midnight. I was so confused at the paragraph-sized mess of jumbled letters and words that I thought she was drunk. The text...

Technology that is here to stay: smartphones

By Kayla Nebel | September 4, 2012

“There’s an app for that.” Those words are the catchphrase for the current generation. It’s true, there are applications for almost everything you want. You can buy a fun game that challenges what you know. You can also get an app that let’s...

Alyssa: AT&T should not merge with T-Mobile

By Alyssa Pracz | September 14, 2011

Although the merging of AT&T and T-Mobile has benefits by obtaining more towers for better service, I agree with the Department of Justice's lawsuit to block the merging of the two cell phone companies. The consequences would outweigh the benefits...

Parker: AT&T should merge with T-Mobile

By Parker Happ | September 14, 2011

The merger of wireless giant AT&T with T-Mobile will prove to benefit customers wanting more from their carrier. If the merger occurred, AT&T would pass Verizon as America's largest wireless company with approximately 129 million customers compared...