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Social stigmas around mental health need to stop

By Anthony Parlogean | December 1, 2019

Words like crazy, mad, insane and feeble-minded may come up when thinking about mental illness. Whether they are antiquated or in present-day vernacular, negative sounding words like these are linked to the social stigma surrounding mental health. To...

Mandatory attendance increases student sickness

By Chris Grask | October 3, 2018

Strict attendance policies coupled with bad student health are forcing sick students to attend classes when they should be at home resting. Professors forcing students to attend every class, regardless of circumstances, pushes ill students to drag themselves...

High stress jobs need mental health breaks breaks

By Roxanne H. | March 26, 2018

Professionals in careers that demand over 55 working hours in a week deserve mandatory benefits such as more paid vacation days and monthly mental health checkups.Last fall semester there were a total of 3388 students enrolled in the College of Health...

Flu season hits hard

By Lindsey Salvatelli | February 1, 2018

The 2017-2018 flu season has caused more Illinois residents to seek medical attention compared to the previous season.The Illinois Department of Public Health, which tracks the outbreaks of communicable diseases, has seen an increase in the number of...

Smoking ban so far effective

By Alexander Chettiath | July 6, 2015

No students or faculty were seen smoking although more than ten urns remained at NIU as the campus-wide smoking ban entered its third day Friday.The Smoke-Free Campus Act was implemented Wednesday at all Illinois institutions of higher learning. The prohibition...

Sexual orientation still prevents blood donation

By Faith Healy & Ross Hettel | September 19, 2011

With several blood drives planned this month, the issue of banning homosexual men from donating blood will again come to light. For 28 years, according to a New York Times article, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned homosexual men, or "males...