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College Life Hacks: Prepare grilled cheese, chicken and more without a stove

By Walter Douglas | March 2, 2015

In this addition of College Life Hacks, I’ll show you how to make delicious stoveless versions of grilled cheese, poached chicken and fried eggs. The new age of coffee making food has arrived.Grilled cheeseI know everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich...


College Life Hacks: Day-old pizza, hot dogs, fancy ramen

By Walter Douglas | February 23, 2015

Whether you prefer pizza, hot dogs or ramen, these life hacks will help you prepare the highest quality of your favorite college foods.PizzaWe all love pizza. The only problem is pizza tends to only taste good when it’s fresh, but it’s a mess after...

College Life Hacks: How to cook and make coffee with limited means

By Walter Douglas | February 16, 2015

Cooking in college with limited supplies can be hard, but using these life hacks will make it simple for anyone.One of my favorites breakfast food is scrambled eggs, but you can only make them on the stove — until now. I have found a way to make scrambled...

College Life Hacks: Clean your face, avoid dandruff, clean your microwave

By Walter Douglas | February 9, 2015

Do you have acne and don’t want to spend money on gimmicky face wash products? Do you have dry hair and dandruff care products won’t relieve your scalp? Is your microwave filled with the leftovers? If you said "yes" to one of those questions then...