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Music belongs to everyone

By Katie Finlon | April 1, 2013

On March 16, I was stumbling through Facebook—or life, rather—and came across a thought-provoking status from Connor Bernhard, 20, of Crystal Lake: “No one really owns music.” I was taken aback by the idea. Is it really something to consider?...

Social media does not belong in the classrooms

By Annastazia Camarena | March 27, 2013

Technology is taking to the hearts of classrooms; tradition chalkboards and notebooks are a thing of the past, replaced with PowerPoint presentations and laptops. When I heard that some professors allow live Twitter feeds to stream in large lectures,...

Social media ruins surprises

By Annastazia Camarena | March 19, 2013

Yet again, I find myself damning social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but this time it is for ruining face-to-face conversations. We have all found out breaking news on social networking sites or, like me, became the last to know. I understand...

DeadSocial crosses the line for social media

By Danny Cozzi | March 4, 2013

Are you afraid to die? I think everyone is in some way or another. For most of us, we fear losing the connections with our loved ones. Death, as you probably know, causes problems for things like making memories with your friends and family, following...

NIU looks to increase its presence on social media

By Ali Combs | February 18, 2013

NIU and its various organizations have taken to social media to gain the attention of students, prospective and current. “We want to get students involved and we want to make sure the students know they’re very important to us,” said Holly Nicholson,...

Just be yourself, not a catfish

By Kimberly Randall | February 13, 2013

“She’s a catfish.” “You’ve been catfished.” You may be asking yourself the question: What is a catfish? Well, catfish is a nickname given to people who create fake profiles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, pretending to be someone...

SimpleWash takes care of your social media dirty work

By Danny Cozzi | February 6, 2013

Do you ever worry about potential employers looking through your Facebook and Twitter pages? Personally, I don’t care very much, but if you tend to find yourself double-checking your posts before they go up, some relief from those worries is now available....

Local businesses use social media for promotions and marketing

By Samantha Brockett | November 11, 2012

With a rise in Facebook and Twitter use, the opportunity for DeKalb businesses to create marketing and promotional initiatives has skyrocketed. Local businesses have been looking to social media websites to host special offers and for targeted marketing...

NIU reaches Facebook milestone

By Northern Star Staff | October 21, 2012

NIU reached 30,000 likes on its Facebook page during Homecoming week, according to NIU Today. The milestone comes after NIU reached 20,000 likes one year ago, according to NIU Today. The milestone was reached about three months ahead of the target set...

Your web browser says a lot about a person

By Joe Palmer | October 2, 2012

Whatever Internet browser you choose, the simple fact is your web history says a lot about you. It’s likely your browser knows more about you than you realize. Should you find yourself perusing the web in the next few days, I dare you to just look at...

Convocation Center to hold logo design contest

By Northern Star Staff | September 9, 2012

The Convocation Center will hold a logo design contest to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, according to a Convocation Center press release. The contest will give participants the opportunity to design a logo for the center’s anniversary campaign....

Social media shown to diminish empathy

By Hayley Devitt | September 6, 2012

Empathy is the ability to identify with another person’s emotions and point of view, but according to an article on Scientific American’s website, college students seem to be really lacking it these days. Citing social networking websites like Facebook...