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The negative effects of being digitally connected

The negative effects of being digitally connected

By Nathan Fulkerson | February 21, 2011

We need to have a talk. No, you are going to have to put your cell phone away, and stop refreshing Facebook to see if someone ‘liked' your LOLcat. It can wait, really. The innovation of smart phones, laptops, even more portable netbooks and MP3 players...

In Focus: Has the new astrological sign changed anything?

In Focus: Has the new astrological sign changed anything?

January 20, 2011

In Focus Question: Last week, there was a report about the astrological signs changing to make room for a thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus. Although the initial report of this change affecting astrological signs has been debunked, the Internet was flooded with...

Facebook is starting to get really, really creepy

By Jessica Jenks | November 28, 2010

If an alien landed on Earth and said, "Take me to your leader," who would you take it to? Maybe President Barack Obama? Would there be some sort of United Nations conference, or maybe the alien would create a Facebook page and contact Mark Zuckerberg?...

Texting and Facebook do not lead to risky behaviors

By Kathryn Minniti | November 28, 2010

Warning: Facebook users and texters are in danger. According to a study done at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, people who use Facebook often or text are at a higher risk for "worrisome behaviors." These behaviors include smoking, risky...

Let’s be reasonable with our Facebook posts

By David Thomas | October 24, 2010

As anyone with a brain will tell you, there are some things that are appropriate for Facebook, and there are some things that aren't. It is entirely possible to share too much. Or as the cool kids once called it, TMI. For example, whenever a couple gets...

Back in my day, college social lives were not on Facebook

Back in my day, college social lives were not on Facebook

By Phil Case | October 12, 2010

Running the risk of dating myself, I would like to preface this column by stating that I was lucky enough to experience one whole college semester (fall 2004) before I even knew what Facebook was.By the time I had given in, it was “,”...

Facebook can act as a tool to raise awareness

By Letter Writer | October 11, 2010

I thought Katie Trusk's article about Facebook statuses and Breast Cancer Awareness was completely contradictory and somewhat insulting. The fact that she took the time to write a perspective article about the current Facebook awareness campaign proves...

For breast cancer awareness, take action, not update Facebook statuses

By Katie Trusk | October 6, 2010

I like it disassembled and carried around in my pockets. Again, awareness has struck. I am now even more aware of the stupidity of others. On Monday I received a Facebook message from a friend explaining this year's viral campaign for breast cancer awareness....

Professors talk Facebook privacy

By Melissa Mastrogiovanni | October 5, 2010

With the rise of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, people forfeit basic privacy rights to gain "friends." This may leave students vulnerable to not only a damaged reputation, but also online predators and stalking. "Students should...

Pass/Fail: The Opposition Party and Cell Phones

By David Thomas | September 27, 2010

The Northern Star doles out grades for current events. But, unlike your least favorite professor, we reveal the explanation behind the grade we give. Opposition Party: PASS. For managing to break Venezuela President Hugo Chavez's stranglehold on the...

3 simple rules to computer lab etiquette

By Phil Case | August 24, 2010

It may be hard to imagine the amount of stress that lead to the consumption of ungodly amounts of caffeine and all-night knowledge benders when you’re still reading syllabi and learning the names of all of your classmates.  When that time inevitably...