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In Focus: What are you doing to prepare for your final exams next week?

Perspective Staff

December 2, 2014

Blake GlossonFor the most part, my preparation for finals week is pretty typical.In terms of studying, I set aside time each morning to review my notes from lectures. I have also found it helpful in semesters past to create study guides from scratch to aid with studying, so I am doing that for my tougher...

Top 5: Relieve finals stress with food, frequent breaks

Anthony Szudarski

April 24, 2014

With finals week just around the corner, some of us might be starting to stress out a bit.Whether doing well on the exam determines if you pass the class or you don’t even have to show up to pass, here are my top five stress-relief methods to consider.No. 5: Indulge in comfort foodI don’t recomm...

InFocus: What’s stressing you out about this semester’s last few weeks?

Perspective Staff

April 21, 2014

Jeremiah CaterinaManaging my time effectively becomes more stressful with finals looming.My wife tells me I am a masochist. After all, she says, who else would think working two jobs and commuting an hour to school five times a week while taking 17 credit hours sounds like a good idea?Oh yeah, you can ...

Pass/Fail: Flash snowstorm gets its last laugh, Finals devilishly loom in distance

Danny Cozzi

April 15, 2014

Pass: Flash snowstorm gets its last laughYou all thought we had made it, didn’t you? So did I.But, in a sick way, I enjoyed Monday’s sudden snowfall. While cursing under my breath at the storm, I laughed at my naivety in thinking Chicago weather would behave any less erratically than it always does....

InFocus: What gets you through finals?

Gina Lorusso, Jackie Nevarez, Kim Randall, and Danny Cozzi

December 8, 2013

Gina LorussoI am a horrible test taker, but I’m really good at studying, so my main focus for preparing for my finals is to take practice tests if they’re available in my courses. If they aren’t available, I find similar ones on study websites.I prepare for the practice exams by studying how I...

Pass/Fail: Final week of class arrives; winter break on horizon, Selling books back to stores likely to show unfairness

Danny Cozzi

December 1, 2013

One more week of class before much-needed vacationIt’s finally happening, folks. The last week of class is upon us.I’m sure for many of us, myself included, this week marks one of the most stressful seven-day periods of the entire semester. But, amid all of the academic chaos and hallucinations f...

Pass/Fail: Red Cross makes donating to the Philippines easy to do, Professors assigning term papers on top of final exams

Danny Cozzi

November 19, 2013

Pass: Red Cross makes donating to the Philippines easy to doFollowing the brutal Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines, the American Red Cross and Facebook sprung into action by placing a donation link on Facebook home pages.The quick access for Facebook users to be charitable likely spread the ser...

Stay focused for end of semester

Kim Randall

November 14, 2013

With only one more month left to survive the headache that is school, there are a few things you should keep in mind for getting out alive.Remember to avoid procrastination, keep track of what you need to turn in and always work with a positive attitude. By the time finals come, it’ll make a big di...

Finalpalooza is upon us; it’s time to prepare

Taurean Small

May 6, 2012

After a long and busy school year, the time for rest and relaxation is quickly approaching. For many of you, this last week will secure you the superb grades you’ve worked so hard to get throughout the semester. For some, this week will be the wake-up call you kept ignoring these past four months. Bu...